Simple as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

You tell us about your property

Step 2

We come see the property​

Step 3

We provide you a cash offer​

Excellent! Now A Few More Questions To Help Us Learn More About Your Property…

(it takes 5 mins but will help us make our offer more quickly and more accurately. The more we have to go on the better the offer we can confidently make you.)

Or, if you’d rather, you can give us a call and we can go over this info over the phone at 512-815-3661. Whichever way is easiest for you.

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Step 2 We come see the property

Step 3 We provide you a cash offer as an option

This Isn't Just A Transaction To Me, It's A Relationship!

My name is Brandon Mendoza and I run an investment company. But I'm a human first. In that picture to the left, that is my wife Mylene. My boy, Christian, and my daughters Christine and Catherine. Many fathers want to teach their kids about what integrity looks like. So do I. But more importantly, everyday, I want to demonstrate it.

Throughout my military and civilian career, I learned to be an expert problem solver. When a piece of equipment broke down, I troubleshot to identify what broke and then performed the repair.

Troubleshooting sometimes could be challenging even with the right tools. I've spent hours chasing a problem. However, I enjoy it. It's like putting a puzzle together.In real estate, complicated problems can arise too. That is why I got into real estate because I saw an opportunity to help families solve their real estate problems.

As a real estate agent/investor, just selling houses wasn't satisfying. You sold the house and made a commission; for the most part, transactions were rarely ever complicated.

However, I found the most fulfillment when I can help a family avoid foreclosure or renew a vacant, abandoned house. I am satisfied when I can provide a solution to a distressed homeowner who couldn't sell the traditional way.

Some folks avoid a challenge. I love a good challenge and very fortunate to utilize my skills to help others.


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  • Do you actually close with cash?

    Yes we do. We will have a bank check for you at closing or wire funds to a designated account through the title company at time of recording. For legal reasons, we can’t just give you a brown paper bag with cash.

  • What if my home needs a lot of work?

    No worries. This is why we exist. We buy homes in any condition. Lots of properties just can't be sold traditionally, because they don't qualify for traditional financing. And while homeowners could fix the property themselves, many just don't have the funds to invest. The expertise. Or the time that is required to execute a renovation. So, we buy these homes for cash, fix what needs to be fixed, then we put them on the market to be sold.

  • When can you close on our property?

    We can close in as little as 5 days or on your timeline. You let us know when is ideal for you and we will make it happen. Every situation is different. Believe it or not most sellers do not want to close in 5-7 days. From the day we have a signed agreement we typically close in 30-45 days. The reason for this is that our sellers typically need some time to line up where they will be living next.

  • Do you really mean "As Is" ?

    Yes, we really do mean "As Is." Don't do any cleaning. Don't do any repairs. Take what you want. Leave what you don't want. We'll take care of the rest. Remember, we buy properties for cash and renovate them for a living. We look at the potential a house has, not at the “as is” condition.

  • Why should I work with Texas House Advisors?

    This is our favorite question, and the easiest. Texas House Advisors was born to create win-win situations for us and area families. Our belief: We all win or nobody wins. 99% of the time we can offer our sellers more money than our competition. We structure a purchase in more than one way. Depending on your situation, we provide a couple different options so you can choose which one works best for you.

  • How does the process work?

    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. The first step is to tell us about your property. And you do this be reaching out to us using the form on this page. Step 2, at your convenience, we'll schedule a time to come look at the property. And last, once we've seen the property, done our research, and understand your situation, so we know what is most important to you, we will provide you a cash offer.

  • Who do you typically work with?

    This is one of our most common questions. Texas House Advisors purchases homes from people of all kinds: Pre-Foreclosure due to late mortgage payments. Divorce. Relocation to another area. Probate or inheritance that needs a quick sale. Title or lien issues. Property needs to many repairs and you don’t have the money to get them done. Fire damage. Mold issues that could be harmful to your health and even condemn a property. Unwanted property. Abandoned or Vacant property. Building code violations. And more. All of the sellers that contact us are looking to sell quickly. There are definitely some unique reasons we have heard in the past and nothing surprises us. So whatever your reason is; just know that we are here to listen, help, and close when you want us to.